RocketBook and Bullet Journaling

Here’s where you can purchase a RocketBook Fusion Notebook

Here’s the Etsy store where I bought the custom leather cover.

And here’s the Etsy store where I bought the printable stickers.

Custom logo – LOVE IT!!!
Here’s a pic of the whole front cover. Obviously.
Inside front cover – the microfiber is used to wipe the pages clean after they’re teleported to the cloud; it comes with the RocketBook. Note: My tabs are cute but the erasable ink is not working well on them, I need to find a Sharpie and re-write my tab text.

Sample daily layout – tasks/meetings on left, notes on the right. These are notes from phone calls/work stuff – I take my meeting notes directly in OneNote (faster) but would use a separate page if for some reason I wanted to doodle some meeting notes by hand. Some days I’m feeling more analog than others. 🙂