Another Adventure Begins!

I write this from 30,000 feet, on my way to a conference in California. Today is a very exciting day for me – the boat is being lifted out of the water to get her new engine installed! I stayed up pretty late last night doing last minute preparations – including scooting the dinghy over near the front of the boat so they can back out (pretty cool that I can fit both boats side-by-side in my slip!).

I also located the manuals for the transmission and engines, and put those along with life jackets, proof of insurance, and registration paperwork on the kitchen counter for my mechanic.

It’s like leaving cookies out for Santa! So exciting!! 😀

I started to get updated from my friend at the other marina about an hour into my flight. She sent several photos as the boat was being lifted, and also showed me where it ended up being parked on the hard. Gotta love technology, and great friends! I was super nervous and excited, getting the play by play was awesome though and made me feel like I was right there.

Day 2
Whew, yesterday was a whirlwind! A half day of travel and half day of conference, but everything ended at what felt like 2am in my not-yet-timezone-adjusted self.

My mechanic texted a series of photos, all of which look quite scary, and no additional text except “You told me to send photos.” 🙂


More to come with I resurface… for now, back to the conference.