Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park

We booked a weekend at a campground in Jacksonville, FL called Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park (a City of Jacksonville park). The location was great, with access to dozens of bike and pedestrian trails, a lake, and access to the ocean. Our site (#293) was in the very corner of the campground, with lots of privacy and plenty of space. We parked the RV at an angle to maximize our privacy in the site.

Site #293

First order of business:Take the bikes off the back of the RV and go exploring! 🚲 🚲 💨

There was a small lake on the property where we did lots of bird watching and caught this sunset one evening.

The trails were very nice with plenty of lush vegitation and beautiful mosses.

And the campground was adjacent to the beach!

We took the dog for walks and sometimes brought one cat at a time with us via Ursla’s stroller.

Ursula did ok on the walks but Chloe seemed to absolutely LOVE it! At first I kept the cat compartment zipped shut because I was worried she would jump out, but I quickly learned she would sit still as long as we were moving, so I just kept the stroller moving!

We intended to stay from Sunday to Sunday but ended up driving home Thursday due to weather. It was warm and muggy in the mornings, unbearably hot mid-day, and stormy in the afternoons and evenings. Wednesday night’s storm was pretty scary, and came with warnings of tornados and/or hail! Thursday morning we checked the forecast and saw 3 days straight of rain and storms, so we went for a nice hike, made one last trip to the beach, then loaded up and headed home.

Hanna Park is a beautiful place to camp and we would definitely visit again when the weather is cooler.