Mother to 2, sister to 4, daughter to several. I believe in living life to its fullest because the future is never guaranteed. I do not believe in an afterlife or any supernatural beings. I take full responsibility for my actions and believe when we’re dead, it’s over. All the more reason to cherish every precious moment of life.

I have two incredibly awesome and sometimes challenging boys, whom I am very proud of. They are both very sweet kids and my world pretty much revolves around them most of the time. I enjoy photography, though I’m not that good (yet), and kayaking in rivers. I recently went on a hike in the Smoky Mountains and had such a great time, so I’m officially adding this to my list of things I very much enjoy. Yoga keeps me centered; I also enjoy going to car shows and playing scrabble on my Android tablet. I recently started geocaching and have been known to climb trees and wedge my hands into odd tree crevices in hopes of finding hidden treasure. I enjoy making terrariums, cycling on paved roads and trails, enjoying downtown Sanford in my golf cart, and my latest obsession: Ingress.

There are 2 things I dream of often:

  1. Running my own business full-time
    I’ve always thought coffee shop, though there are about 10 other business ideas floating around in my head at any given time.
  2. Racing MINIs
    Last year I attended Phil Wicks Driving Academy and got my track license, but the most fun I’ve had racing was actually a 1/4 mile drag strip at Palm Beach International Raceway.
    I could drag race literally All. Day. Long.

This blog is more of a personal journal with no specific topic or focus, just a collections of words and pictures about whatever I’m doing or thinking about at the moment. Maybe we have something in common, or maybe we don’t – but either way, I hope you enjoy reading my posts.

Thanks for checking out my little blog!


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