RocketBook and Bullet Journaling

Here’s where you can purchase a RocketBook Fusion Notebook Here’s the Etsy store where I bought the custom leather cover. And here’s the Etsy store where I bought the printable stickers. Sample daily layout – tasks/meetings on left, notes on Continue reading RocketBook and Bullet Journaling

Grove Collaborative: First Impression

So, I did a thing. I’ve been seeing advertisements for Grove Collaborative on Instagram for probably 2 or 3 years now, and several of my friends have been using their products, so I decided to just take the plunge and Continue reading Grove Collaborative: First Impression

The Cajun Language

You may or may not know this, but I’m 50% Cajun! Here’s a great collection of terms and phrases that were used in South Louisiana (down the bayou, aka “DTB”) when I was young, but from what I understand it’s a dying Continue reading The Cajun Language

Bird swarm

So THIS explains why the tree has berries one day and no berries the next! It’s amazing to me that such a large number of birds can coordinate their movements with perfect precision. You can’t tell in the video but Continue reading Bird swarm

Nice sock.

Nice sock.

Four years ago we spent Valentine’s Day at the Winter Park Hospital. James wrecked the scooter in our “How to Drive a Scooter” class and injured his knee. The first photo was taken from the ER; they put a brace Continue reading Nice sock.

Today I quit facebook!!

This was the last thing facebook showed me before finalizing the deactivation, hahaha! Since when do apps give guilt trips?! It’s ok, friends. I still love you.

Adorable spider