My Covid Journey

Leave it to me to be 3 years late to the party. I took a same-day trip to Dallas, TX and back on Saturday, April 22nd. This was my first time ever flying out of state and returning home on Continue reading My Covid Journey

Matcha Tea: I Love it a Latte!

In a quest for clear skin, I’ve discovered a green tea called Matcha tea. It comes in powder form, tastes kind of earthy, and has lots of health benefits: High in antioxidants Increases energy level Enhances mood Boosts immune system Continue reading Matcha Tea: I Love it a Latte!

Grove Collaborative: First Impression

So, I did a thing. I’ve been seeing advertisements for Grove Collaborative on Instagram for probably 2 or 3 years now, and several of my friends have been using their products, so I decided to just take the plunge and Continue reading Grove Collaborative: First Impression

Detox Days 4 and 5

Day 4: Starting to lose my detox mojo. Did well with everything all day then had dinner in the mall food court – I ordered a superfood salad from Chick Fil-A but it just was not cutting it for me… Continue reading Detox Days 4 and 5

Car Essential Oil Diffuser

This little car diffuser is awesome. Just fill it with water up to the line, add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil, and plug it into the USB port in your car for a silent stream of aromatherapy Continue reading Car Essential Oil Diffuser

Detox Day 3

I want a cheeseburger. Badly. And a large pan of lasagna, too. I did not exercise today. I drank my zesty morning beverage, and followed it with my delicious superfood shake. I’m not a morning person so the shake is Continue reading Detox Day 3

Detox Day 2

Feeling kind of sluggish today. Some congestion in my nose/throat – I’ll assume that’s just toxins leaving my body. Slept 8  hours 5 minutes last night. Morning: Skipped exercise. Drank zesty drink and shake. Noon: Leftovers for lunch. MAN I Continue reading Detox Day 2

Detox Day 1

Great news – I survived the first full day of detox! The detox I’m doing allows me to eat quite a bit of food, so it wasn’t too bad really. The hardest part was preparing the food – I never Continue reading Detox Day 1

My New Morning Beverage

Fresh Lemon Juice Raw Honey Cranberry Aloe Juice Apple Cider Vinegar GastroVen Coral Legend Warm (not hot) Water I might add cinnamon tomorrow and see how that tastes, but this was pretty delicious as it was!