Detox Day 2

Leftovers for lunch
Leftovers for lunch

Feeling kind of sluggish today. Some congestion in my nose/throat – I’ll assume that’s just toxins leaving my body. Slept 8  hours 5 minutes last night.

Morning: Skipped exercise. Drank zesty drink and shake.

Noon: Leftovers for lunch. MAN I love that spaghetti squash!

Dinner: I didn’t have a fancy recipe so I just fried onions and spinach in coconut oil, then added fresh salmon. Mixed veggies on the side. Logan liked it. Chicken nuggets and garlic bread for Jacob, ooooh that garlic bread smelled good. I had sunbutter and apple slices for dessert. I wonder how much sunbutter I can consume and have it still be classified as “healthy eating”. I thought about asking Samantha but decided I’m too afraid of the answer. Ignorance is bliss, and so is a heaping pile of sunbutter.

I put a can of coconut milk in the fridge so I can make this Coconut Whipped Cream tomorrow – sounds like the perfect companion for strawberries!

Oh, and my water consumption increased significantly today, yay! I drank one whole 22 oz bottle of water throughout the day (in addition to my 3 zesty drinks of course). It’s not 80 oz, but it’s WAY more than I usually drink in a day! I drank it out of my cute Lifefactory bottle which I got on amazon a few months ago after reading about the benefits of drinking from a glass bottle:

Fun bottle + a squirt of lemon juice = a more hydrated Lori. 🙂
(hey, whatever works!)

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