Epic Roadtrip 2018

Jacob and I are taking a road trip in Spring of 2018 and we’re so excited we can hardly stand it! We’ll be flying into Vegas and renting an awesome adventure vehicle called a Jucy van.
The Jucy van is a normal minivan (either a Dodge Caravan or a Chrysler Town and Country) but it’s been tricked out to include a kitchen, a rooftop tent, a dinette for eating inside, and convertible indoor sleeping quarters as well. 

My favorite feature is the auxiliary battery which charges while you drive then provides power to the fridge and outlets when the van is parked. Jacob is of course super excited about the rooftop tent.

Here’s our tentative agenda, going counter-clockwise with a return to Vegas on the last day (Google maps had a limit on the number of points in a route so I couldn’t complete the loop).

We reserved our site at Yellowstone but most others don’t open up for reservations until November. Total driving time is 53.5 hours over the course of 16 days. As November approaches I’m starting to wonder if we should reduce the route and spend more time at each place…. hmmmm. 

Jacob’s goal is to see Yellowstone. He heard it’s teeming with wildlife so he’s really looking forward to that. I would like to see some nice waterfalls, and I’d like to avoid large crowds of people.