Chef Jacob

Jacob has been cooking dinner lately. He loves it and his food turns out really good,  too!
Jacob asked me,  “Mom, are these called tweezers or pliers?” TOOOOO CUTE!!


Beef Stroganoff:image

Candle-lit dinner (candle was his idea), chopped chicken with bacon flavoring – his invention:image


Homemade pizza:image

Another candle-lit dinner, this time it’s broccoli stuffed chicken and sweet corn:image
When he cooks he insists on setting the table, pouring the drinks, lighting the candle and the whole bit. He’s going to make a great husband someday.

One Reply to “Chef Jacob”

  1. I just love these photos! He looks so grown up and I’m so impressed that he wants to be a chef! I told you Rio would be a good name for him “Chef Rio” a real catchy TV cooking show name. He could change it like Che’JA Monique electra” whatever.