Alexander Springs

James and I went camping for 2 nights at Alexander Springs. The campground was nice (although noisy at night), and the weather was perfect. We brought both cars because Alexander Springs is a little over an hour from each of our houses – northwest for me and southwest for James.

There was no electricity at the campsite, but fortunately I had a battery-operated air pump so we could still sleep on the air mattress (phew!!). The knob on our gas stove broke Sunday night and we didn’t have pliers to grab the stem without the knob, so we cooked over the campfire the rest of our visit.

We used the new Columbia tent I found on Craig’s List. It was awesome!! The perfect size, and tons of great features. 
Saturday morning we woke up to the sun peeping through the trees. It never looks as good in pictures. :-/


We hung out and watched the spiders play in their webs while we ate breakfast.

…then we set out for a short hike. There were several of these boardwalks along the path.
boardwalkWe saw lots of spiders (this park is full of spiders!).


After the hike we packed our lunch and headed to the river with the kayaks. On the way there we saw a couple of HUGE spiders.

spider3  This one was REALLY big.spider2



We ate turkey sandwiches and chips on the river, and put our drinks in the spring water to keep them cold (James’s idea).


As tantalizing as they looked, we didn’t eat any flavored crickets.cricketsSunday we watched a family of ants haul our cookie crumbs, then we packed up and headed out.

It was a nice weekend and we’ll likely come back to camp here again. With pliers.

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