Time to Get Healthy!

Lately I’ve been having a multitude of random health issues. It started a few months ago – perhaps stress induced when I moved – and things have just sort of gotten worse since then. I won’t bore you with all the little details, but I would say the top 2 most annoying things have been a lingering cough with phlegm (despite 10 days of antibiotics), and extreme lack of energy. So this week I decided I’m going to take control of my health and figure out how to get back on track. 🙂

My goal is to keep everything as natural as possible. I’m OVER antibiotics and traditional medicine. I have an arsenal of essential oils at my house but I don’t really know how to use them medicinally yet – I’ve only used them for lotions, soaps, and to diffuse calming aroma into the air. I put Thieves on the bottoms of my feet a couple times to try to kick the coughing thing, but I think maybe I didn’t do it long enough to see the effects. So part of my mission is to learn how to use oils to cure ailments.

I also want to learn how to eat healthy foods, which means I will probably need to learn to cook! Sounds a little intimidating, but I’m ready for the challenge. I understand the concept of how eating nutritional food will drastically improve your health, I just generally opt for foods full of preservatives because I’m too tired to cook a big meal, and I really don’t know how to incorporate too many ingredients anyway… so learning this should be a fun (and hopefully rewarding) adventure. I’ve been following Samantha Eaton’s blog for a couple months now and I really love her approach to wellness and healthy eating.

I started my health mission by making an appointment with Dr. Veon at Central Florida Preventative Medicine in Lake Mary. I had a Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) test done while I was there. Here is more information on QRA and how it works. It was my first time doing that sort of testing and I thought it was crazy-cool how my grip changed drastically at different touch points! Once the testing was complete Dr. Veon gave me a huge bag of supplements to take at certain times of the day for 30 days. The treatment is mostly for my stomach/digestion issues which Dr. Veon thinks is probably the root of the problems. I have a few teas I need to drink throughout the day, along with 18 capsules of herbal supplements! Dr. Veon also suggested that I remove my belly button ring because it seems to be blocking the energy flow down the center of my body, which is creating digestive problems. So I removed it, and then she did a mud pack treatment to draw out the toxic energy. It was supposed to take 20 minutes but ended up taking a full hour! It was very relaxing though, lying on a warm table with mud on my belly and on the bottoms of my feet. She did the QRA testing on my stomach every 10 minutes or so to check the status, and eventually it tested clear. Without clearing this pathway, she felt the supplement treatment would be pointless.

Day 1 (Tuesday, 10/18/16): I need to mix a powder with 1 ounce of aloe and 2 ounces of water, drink twice a day. I could not figure out a pleasant way to drink aloe – the flavor is absolutely horrible and the texture is a lumpy gel. I ordered Herbalife Herbal Aloe Drink Concentrate in Cranberry flavor and once it arrives I’ll figure out if I end up drinking this in lieu of aloe or in conjunction with aloe. All other teas and capsules were fine –  no problems taking any of them.

I went to Earth Origins to get aloe and ended up grabbing about 20 other Earthy foods while I was there, just because I was curious and wanted to try them. I got six containers of dairy-free yogurt. The 2 I’ve tried are both pretty gross tasting, very bland. I secretly wonder if I will enjoy the flavor once I do the cleanse and stop eating so much sugar.

Day 2: The Herbalife Aloe Drink Concentrate arrived in time for my 2nd dose, yay! I also came up with the idea of mixing the aloe drink with the hot tea water from the other drink and see if it breaks up the gel lumps. It seems to have worked! So I’m doing about 1/2 ounce of pure aloe gel and 3 cupfuls of the aloe juice concentrate, in lieu of the 1 ounce of aloe gel.

I signed up for a 15-day food cleanse with Samantha Eaton, which I’m super excited about! She has a cleanse plan that rids your body of toxins, leaving you with clearer skin, more energy, and better digestion – all while still eating delicious food! How cool is that! I’m doing this program to give my body a “reset”, but also to learn how to make healthy food choices which I hope become my new normal for the rest of my life. And who knows, if I learn to prepare things properly maybe the KIDS will even enjoy eating healthier foods! :-O Logan is drawn to healthy foods already – he’s a big fan of fruits, veggies, and salads – but Jacob is another story. He just wants to live off chicken nuggets and pepperoni pizza every night.

Anyway, so that’s where I am with my new “mission to get healthy”. My start date is next Wednesday, 10/26/16, and I’ll document my progress here.

Cheers to better health!

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