Scout Show 2014

Jacob attended the Scout Show at UCF Arena today. It was our first time attending – we were surprised at how big it was! It was 87 degrees midday but fortunately most of the booths were set up in the shaded area behind the stadium seating. We spent about 5 1/2 hours there and Jacob loved every minute of it! The first hour and a half we worked at our pack 507 booth giving out fresh squeezed lemonade (free or a donation). Jacob liked squeezing the lemons, but I think he enjoyed passing drinks to passersby even more. 🙂


When our booth ran out of lemons, ice, and syrup we headed out to visit other booths. These videos capture only a few of the booth activities, but Jacob also walked on stilts, raced paper airplanes, played a zillion different versions of cornhole, popped fuzzy things out of a plastic thing (impossible to describe), practiced archery, sat in a soap box derby car, competed for target shots water guns, raced marble cars on a track, blew marshmallows out of PVC pipe, controlled robots, rescued a drowning dummy, and probably 20 other activities I’m not thinking of.



It was a fun but exhausting day for both of us, as evident by Jacob’s major crash as soon as we got to the car (his blue lips are from the 2 snow cones he had).


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