Sanford Riverwalk

Tonight I visited the Sanford Riverwalk to take pictures of the sunset before heading to the airport to take pictures of the moon. It turns out the moon never made an appearance (too cloudy) and the sunset was a dud. The best sunset capture I got was one taken with my cell phone, ha!
sunset pic from cell phone

None of my camera photos came out focused, and they’re just not very interesting. Here’s the best of the bunch:
mehI tried getting a picture of Phineus in the streetlight. Again, just another “meh”.

Phineus under the streetlightAnd here’s another shot of Phinny, this time with some cloud colors in the background:

stormy sky Phinny
Here’s the shot I like best from tonight. I’ve taken pictures of this building before but this is the first time I left the shutter open long enough to capture passing traffic. If you look closely you can see where an airplane flew by, too.
Sanford riverwalk condos

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