Phinny’s New Exhaust!

Phineus got an exhaust makeover! As you may remember from a previous post, I had some work done at a shop in the ghetto which resulted in NO muffler, and a super loud exhaust which made a horrible droning sound inside the car – particularly at highway speeds. After dealing with that for a few months I finally got it fixed. Phineus got a new stock exhaust (including muffler – yay!), a 2.5″ round 28″ long Magnaflow resonator, and a Badlanz High Performance Exhaust 2.25″ Single Electric Cutout (with steel y-adapter). The electric switch was mounted on my dash so I can toggle between bypass and no bypass for a deep grumbly sound or quiet conservative sound. The best part is that this setup DOES NOT drone in either mode, and the experience inside the cabin is surprisingly quiet – even with cutout fully open and sport mode engaged! Driving my car today felt so nice; I could actually hear every detail of my music, almost as if I was in a sound booth. I am 100% thrilled with the result and highly recommend this to any Countryman owner who is looking to toggle the exhaust between conservative and badass.

Here’s a little video of the electric cutout in action:


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