Paddling the Little Big Econ River

Sunday the boys and I went kayaking on the Little Big Econ River in Snow Hill, which is about 30 minutes from our house. It was our first time paddling this river so we weren’t sure what to expect. It was nice and quiet, only 1 other boat on the river and the water looked like ice tea – very clear but with a yellowish brown tint.

Here’s where we put in; the kids skipped rocks while I unloaded the boats. I could have asked them to help but I felt the rock-skipping might be one of those great childhood memories so I didn’t interrupt.



The current was strong and Jacob wasn’t able to paddle himself upstream, so Logan tied his boat to mine about 10 minutes into our trip. It was a difficult paddle upstream but we stopped a few times so my arms didn’t fall off.wpid-IMG_20140112_131921.jpg

The water was very low and there were several ‘beaches’ along the way. We stopped here to eat the Publix subs we brought for lunch.wpid-IMG_20140112_135027.jpg Click to enlarge panorama: wpid-PANO_20140112_134308_1.jpg


Logan spotted a tree with 2×4 steps, so they stopped to climb for a while.wpid-IMG_20140112_142536_1.jpg

We returned to a surprise at the boat launch – a group of cycling hashers! I haven’t hashed since the early 90s and had no idea this sort of shenanigans still existed. This group is a called the Bike-o Psychos. They were on mountain bikes and setting out to ride the trails of the Econ Forest. Sounds like fun!wpid-IMG_20140112_144843.jpg
All in all our kayaking trip was fun. We didn’t see much wildlife at all but the weather was nice and we enjoyed exploring new territory. Here are some clips from the trip; you can see how strong the current was (whew!). There were also lots of obstacles to navigate and both kids handled it very well.

Jacob says, “Are you kidding me?”

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