Kayaking at Blue Springs

The boys and I went kayaking at Blue Springs yesterday. It was a nice day, but very windy at times. We took a small offshoot from the main river; one we hadn’t explored before. We didn’t see much wildlife, but still had a good time of course. I love being out on the water; it’s so peaceful. The boys brought fishing poles, they didn’t catch anything but they sure had fun trying. There wasn’t a bait shop within 20 miles of the river (what the heck!) so they fished with gummy worms. Maybe this is why they didn’t catch anything. Next time we’ll bring real bait. 🙂

Here are some photos from the trip, some are from my camera and some from my cell phone. I’m not really happy with any of them – particularly the photos from my camera (unfortunately). Most of them are blurry, the colors are all wrong, and I don’t seem to select the correct depth of field based on the shot. I really should take a photography class because it’s something I enjoy doing.

It was a beautiful day – sunny and 75 degrees.20131103_104311

20131103_Blue Springs_0017 20131103_Blue Springs_0044 We found a nice shady spot for lunch and tied our boats together with a rope so we didn’t float away. Logan was having a great time, he just hates having his picture taken.

lunch20131103_Blue Springs_0074 20131103_Blue Springs_0095 20131103_Blue Springs_0153 20131103_Blue Springs_0161

Check out his focus as he baits the hook. 🙂20131103_125606 20131103_125654 20131103_125726


One more attempt to catch a fish before we head home.20131103_Blue Springs_0194

20131103_Blue Springs_0187Check out my next post for some black & whites.


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