Detox Day 1

Great news – I survived the first full day of detox! The detox I’m doing allows me to eat quite a bit of food, so it wasn’t too bad really. The hardest part was preparing the food – I never spend more than about 20 minutes a day in the kitchen so this was a big change for me. Cooking was fun… but it made me wish my kitchen was not so tiny! And I did not enjoy all the dish-washing, either. BUT the food was delicious and I did not feel hungry at all.

Pre-Breakfast: Zesty drink

25-min cardio workout (I am SO out of shape!!)

Breakfast shake:
Amazing Grass Vanilla Protein Superfood
Collagen Peptides
Chia Seeds
Coconut milk

Love love looooove Amazing Grass products; the vanilla protein shake is my new fave.

Around lunch time I was in a million conference calls so I sliced an apple and dipped the pieces in Sunbutter. This was my first time eating Sunbutter and I absolutely love it. It tastes so good that it’s hard to believe it’s healthy!

Mid-afternoon I made a some fresh pesto using a recipe from Samantha Eaton’s 15-Day Detox plan. I put too much sea salt in at first (oops) but added more veggies and some guacamole until it tasted normal.

For dinner I made a Spaghetti Squash with Pesto, Chicken, and Veggies (based on another Samantha Eaton recipe). It was supposed to include sun-dried tomatoes but I forgot to buy them so I used diced tomatoes instead. Also, I forgot to add the pesto to the squash until after I had it on my plate and took the picture (oops). I loved all the flavors in the meal, and AB cleaned his plate, too. I even had enough left over for Day 2’s lunch!

squash veggiesandchicken dinner

I must say, this was a pretty delicious meal and did not feel like a “diet” at all!

The one thing I failed at today was my water consumption. I’m supposed to be drinking 80 oz/day and I think I may have had 16 oz, if that. Which is probably twice as much water as I normally drink, but still – way less than I should be drinking for detox. Day 2 goal: drink more water!

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