Epic Roadtrip 2018: Change of plans!

Well, we were planning to stay at a cabin and the beautiful Tanaya Lodge on the west side of the Sierra Mountains, but when I went to make the reservation it turns out they are completely booked for our dates! Can you believe that?! Nine months away and not a single room available!

So I looked for an alternative to the Tanaya Lodge, one that is near ski slopes and at a high enough elevation that we may get snow while we’re there (Jacob and I both love snow skiing). I found the beautiful Village Lodge Resort at Mammoth Mountain and booked two nights right away! I’m not sure if we will have snowy weather or warm days, it’s kind of hard to predict for the month of June but either way this resort has tons of activities so it will be a nice luxury treat in the middle of our rugged adventure!

Summer Activities

Winter Activities

I’m hoping we’ll have time to drive over to you Yosemite Falls while we’re here (about 2.5 hrs each way), but we’ll probably have to make that decision after we arrive – depending on weather and other activities available at the time.

I didn’t think the change of resort would make too much of an impact on the trip itinerary overall, but it turns out this resort is on the east side of the mountains and Tanaya Lodge was on the west side, so I think I’m actually going to need to adjust the next stop to avoid driving two very long days in a row. I still want to get over to Sequoia National Park if possible.

Good thing I still have plenty of time to adjust the schedule! So far the only reservations made are the campsite at Yellowstone national park and the two nights at this Village Lodge resort. All other nights are still flexible  and most campgrounds won’t start taking reservations for May/June until November/December (6 months in advance). Plenty of time for me to scope out the best site at each location. 🙂