Camping at Camp Lanoche

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Friday 10/11/13 started our weekend of camping at Lake Lanoche with the Cub Scouts. Camp Lanoche is located in the southern part of the Ocala National Forest – about an hour from our house. This was our first cub scout camp-out, so we weren’t sure what to expect. We were planning to stay through Sunday but ended up leaving late Saturday night because we couldn’t keep the ticks off our bodies. The only events for Sunday were breakfast, the flag ceremony, and church. We already did several flag ceremonies so we were ok with skipping this one. The weekend was fun, but exhausting – especially for me because we left literally one hour after my plane landed from a week of working in Tulsa, OK and I was already tired! There were tons of activities as you can see in the photo with the Saturday schedule. All in all it was a great weekend; Jacob had a total blast and I captured many of his adventures in photos here. Click the thumbnails to see a larger image or to flip through the gallery.



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  1. Thanks for this! Really thanks! My son is a cub scout and will be going to his first camping trip to this camp location in a couple weeks (practically the same time frame as this article dated). My wife and I haven’t been camping in a while and definitely not with kids or boy/cub scouts so its nice to see. We can even get some ideas as to what to expect from pictures. Thanks again!

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