Best. Thumb drive. Ever.

Thumb Drive on Amazon.comAbout a year ago I purchased this thumb drive from I chose this one because I needed a way to store music in my car (a Kia Forte at the time) and didn’t want a big long thumb drive sticking out of the USB port. The blue matched the car, and the size seemed right, so I bought it.

Unfortunately, this adorable little drive walked off when I brought my car to a mod shop for some work about a month ago. 🙁 I thought I could live without it, but I was wrong.

So last week I went back to in search of a replacement only to find the price has come down, and the storage size has doubled!

Last year: $28.15 for 16GB
This year: $20.19 for 32GB!!! WOWZA!

Current price on as of 5/29/12

I’ll probably look back at this blog 5 years from now and laugh at how I thought $20 was a good price for 32GB, but oh well. Needless to say, I put the 32GB into my shopping cart and 2 days later (Thank you, Amazon Prime) my new baby was delivered.

Same shade of blue, same quality construction, same tiny size… I’m in love.

Here’s what it looks like inside my MINI Countryman

The biggest difference between playing music on my thumb drive and playing music on my iPod is the actual navigation through the tracks. With the thumb drive I’m able to see and change song titles using the radio controls or the steering wheel controls. With the iPod, I have to pick the device up and scroll through songs on the screen – not difficult, but just not as convenient to do while the car’s in motion.

As if that wasn’t enough to totally sell you on this little bugger, it also comes with a very nice string and lobster claw, perfect for dangling from bellybutton rings.

What a geek!

So there you have it, perfect music player and geek chic body jewelry all in one device.

Best. Thumb drive. Ever.



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